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Construction Management

The advantage of Construction Management is involving all key members of the build right from the start. This assists with an expedited start, minimizes changes at a later date and improves the accuracy of initial budgets based on past experiences. It brings designers, engineers and trades to the table from the onset to work together and start the project on the right path. Adding the element of a Construction Manager at the design phase not only brings in efficiencies to the design but also accurate and rapid budgeting to keep the project on budget. This method can start as an open book cost plus fee and can be converted into a stipulated price if desired once the design and tendering has been completed. It is also a useful agreement to help expedite a project which may not be fully designed but requires phased integration of trades to commence immediately while some of the finishing details can be worked out as it progresses. The Construction Management method is most popular with Drier Group’s clients as we are constantly building on our strong relationships though a trusted open book approach giving the client a full access to all decisions in a fully transparent approach.


Drier Group partners with an experienced team of designers, consultants and engineers that we work with to bring your ideas on to paper in the most efficient form. Providing designs and accurate budgets to meet the project needs and execute simultaneously Including coordination of all municipal permit requirements. This contract brings in a single responsibility for the design, code compliance, permit, budget, schedule and construction of your project.

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General Contracting

As your general contractor Drier Group will bring efficiency and maintain quality required for your project. We also provide in house concrete and carpentry work to give client more flexibility on creating unique projects.

Concrete Services

Require a firm cost for your project? Drier Group has built an extensive database of experienced trades through construction relationships across the region along with performing our own Concrete Services. Drier Group has its own Concrete Division Team to perform any repair or new build concrete pour that is done with perfection. We pride ourselves on always staying competitive and would love the opportunity to show you how competitive we can be in a stipulated price tender.

Pit Edge Repair

Service & Maintenance

No matter how large or small your project Drier Group is available to assist.  With a team of workers specializing in Architectural and Specialty Concrete forming and finishing as well Carpenters suited for all your interior and exterior needs we can efficiently handle any of your small renovations, building maintenance repairs or improvements.  We also host a fleet of equipment with experienced operators to work on any project including interior restoration or exterior improvement.  From tweaking a door to operate properly to replacing spalling or disintegrating concrete we have knowledge and experience to get it completed quickly and professionally.